product pictureIndustrial Tapes
& Dispensers

We offer a complete variety of 3M quality tapes to meet all your mailroom and warehouse taping needs.  
All tapes are pressure-sensitive and wound on 3" cores. 
Some examples of tapes we stock are:

  • 8934 Tartan™ Filament Tape
  • 8981 Scotch™ Heavy-Duty Filament Tape
  • 3765 Tartan Label Protection Tape
  • 821 Scotch™ Labelgard™ Label Protection Tape
  • 3939 Duct Tape
  • 369 Tartan™ Clear Sealing Tape
  • 372 Scotch™ Heavy-Duty Clear Sealing Tape

Our tape dispensers are robust, easy to use and inexpensive.  


Tartan™, Scotch™ and Labelgard™ are trademarks of 3M Corporation.